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Welcome to Body Reclamation.  Where we help you do just that - reclaim and restore the mobility, function, wellbeing and comfort in your body.  We want to see you thrive in this life, not just survive it – at any age.  How do we help you achieve that?


Oxygen + Nutrients + Hydration – Toxins = the Recipe for Vitality

Now that recipe has one additional requirement; adequate blood flow.


If our circulation is compromised, then that recipe can’t be applied to our cells, and the result can show up in many different ways:

Poor concentration/mental acuity, Low Energy, Poor Sleep, Low Endurance or Fitness Recovery, Sluggish Body Waste Disposal, High Stress/Difficulty Relaxing, Premature Aging, and Disease (just to name a few!)

Our technology – a leader in the Electroceutical field of study - helps to reverse these symptoms by improving blood flow at the capillary level (which comprises 74% of your vascular system!), the site at which The Recipe is applied.  No pharmaceutical or herb can do that!  Your body has amazing capability.  If cells are given the support that they need to be able to function as they were intended, then the body will be in a better metabolic state to heal itself.  We help to regulate your body’s systems, so that it can do what it was designed to do; self-correct.



(post-transplant immunosuppressants)

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As we face injury, illness or aging, one thing remains consistent; a general decrease in blood flow.  Blood is truly the 'river of live' that runs through our veins, arteries, and micro-vessels (also referred to as capillaries).  Injury and illness aside, simply spending more years walking this earth will result in decreased circulation.

You see, people often think that disease and deterioration are simply a normal part of getting older; it’s expected.  But rarely does anyone stop to ask “Why?  What’s happening?”.  We tend to forget and ignore the fact that self-healing is a natural function of the body.  Or maybe we just don't understand that...

When we think of some of the common ailments of getting older (blocked arteries, heart attacks, strokes, arthritis), those things are on a bigger scale.  But there have been smaller things going on for a while, leading up to those big items.  If you think about how common heart attacks, blocked arteries and strokes are – and those things are generally large and in close proximity to the heart – if they can get blocked and compromised, imagine the difficulty of the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) far away, say in the foot.  Now think of the folks you know who have compromised sensation in their feet and hands, or ulcers on their toes.  What do ALL of these have in common?  Lack of blood flow.  And guess what the source of blood flow is to the heart and arteries - ?  Capillaries.  So you see, micro-circulation literally affects everything, every cell in our bodies, from our skin to our nerves and joints.  Everything relies on it.  Our entire health status relies on blood flow – at the capillary level!

So what does that mean, exactly?  Well, let’s start with a look at the role of our blood.

In the smallest of nutshells, our blood delivers oxygen, nutrients and hydration to all cells in the body.  It also transports/eliminates toxins.  Now, this doesn’t just happen any and everywhere.  This happens in the capillaries, the smallest of the body’s blood vessels.  The capillaries are the transfer site at which the blood gives oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and receives carbon dioxide and wastes back from the tissues.

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This network makes up about 74% of your circulatory system, and these capillaries are several times smaller than a human hair!  Considering that, and the thousands of diseases and diagnoses in the world, there aren't many people/situations that wouldn't benefit from improved circulation!

Our technology is not the miracle – your Body is!  We simply optimize the necessary factors so that The Recipe (oxygen, nutrients and hydration) can be effectively delivered to your cells, enhancing their ability to do their jobs.  If cells are able to function as they're designed, then the natural action of self-healing can be realized. are YOU supporting your 74%Contact us today to schedule a session!



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