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The following Massage Therapy benefits are from clients of Millie Winder, Certified Massage Therapist.

I have worked with Millie as a colleague and client for over a year now and have been impressed since day one. Her attention to detail far out weighs most massage therapists out there today. She has a great understanding of how the human body works and how it is designed to move. Having this understanding and the ability to apply it in her bodywork is a huge benefit for anybody lying on her table having bodywork done. She also uses corrective exercises to reinforce the work she is doing on the table. I personally won't go anywhere else.

Joshua Conn, Solid Fitness Owner, Greenwood Village, CO


Millie has the knowledge that most Physical Therapist wish they had. She likes to help people through massage and corrective exercises to help you feel good now and for the future. A pleasure to call her my massage therapist.

Mark Foley, Inner Evolution Fitness Owner, Greenwood Village, CO


(After adding) golf/sport-specific training and Massage Therapy into my regular workout, I was able to practice almost as long as I wanted, with very minimal low back pain and my distance had returned.  Through these combined efforts, I was able to separate my lower and upper body significantly more…I was also seeing my separation at the top of my backswing return to the mid to high 40’s, roughly a 60% increase from where I was before.

Patrick N.PGA Member, GolfTEC Golden


Millie far exceeds the expectation of any deep tissue massage therapist. Her knowledge of body mechanics and how to restore functionality is better than any therapist I've ever experienced. Millie produces results and truly leaves the body feeling restored. I strongly recommend her to anyone.

Chris Vogel, Rock Star Fitness Owner, Castle Rock, CO


After working 60 hours a week over 40 years in my own business and then retire I was in pain even going up and down stairs or getting up from the couch. When I started with Millie over a year ago, I needed a lot of Millie’s attention. she worked very hard to reduce the pain in my sluggish body and now I’m finally at the point without pain that she can perform a relaxing massage instead, which I enjoy very much. My body is so much better that I’m no longer in pain thanks to her caring professionalism and magic fingers. I now feel much younger and starting to enjoy life much more.

Bill S., Castle Rock, CO


Millie is very knowledgable and knows massage, she has great skills and an intuition on just what to do to feel better. Nothing like the run of mill massage you get at the "outlet massage places".

Mary R., Castle Rock, CO


Millie can do wonders on a broken body, she helped me avoid Achilles surgery and improved my overall health. Would highly recommend her to anyone, thank you and God Bless.

Keith D., Littleton, CO


Millie is by far the best!!! I feel so much better and am reaching my fitness/body goals with her expertise. I wish I could see her every week.

Amy K., Centennial, CO


Working with Millie has been a healthy and healing experience for me. In our sessions, my body and mind are reconnected and the communication between them improves. I commonly find during a massage that when Millie is working on a particular area, I feel a strong surge of emotion like fear, grief, or frustration and the physical work that she does processes and resolves that emotion. I believe a portion of my negative emotions become stuck in different areas of my body and massage releases them. Since beginning a routine of massage, I experience increased centeredness and emotional stability. 

Jan S., Englewood, CO


When I first visited Millie, I came with lower back issues and very limited exposure to massage therapy.  I left our first encounter completely surprised.  I expected to simply feel relaxed.  Instead, I felt relaxed, centered and affirmed.  The latter emotion was a direct consequence of Millie's nurturing touch.  As a recipient of her gift, it enabled me to focus on what I was feeling and how my body physically retains those emotions. Each session thereafter has promoted further emotion/body integration and, just as importantly, I've left each time feeling nurtured, affirmed and centered. What more could you ask for with a simple hour?

Alex S., Englewood, CO


I have had head, neck and back pain for many years.  I have also had many different doctors and massage therapists work on me and I must say that after my first massage with Millie, I knew that she is the very best massage therapist that I have ever had work on me!  Millie is very conscientious and through both in application and in understanding my specific areas which need to be worked on.  I just can't say enough good about Millie, she is the Greatest!

D.S., Wheat Ridge, CO


I have been a client of Millie Winder’s for almost a year.  I have found her to be organized, efficient, and a very knowledgeable massage therapist.  From the beginning she identified the source of my issues.  I have been making substantial progress under her care.  She is very professional in her approach to her clients and has been a positive influence.  When I have felt discouraged by setbacks, she has helped motivate me to continue with my therapy.  I appreciate what she has done for me and I highly recommend her for therapeutic massage.

Cherryl L., Lakewood, CO


Dear Millie, 

I must offer a big thank you for you the caring, professional and effective help I have realized from your care over the past year.. The nagging shoulder pain that once dogged my days has become a distant memory, a fact I attribute to your dedicated and caring expertise in a profoundly effective treatment.

This experience I have had with your office compels my recognition of massage therapy as an important component of health maintenance that, like going to the dentist, affords a sustained improvement in 'quality of life'.  I am in awe after experiencing your most valuable and professional approach to healing, and I offer my heartfelt thanks forever.

Good luck to you.


Frank W.
Golden CO


Contact me at 720-839-8264 to schedule your massage therapy session.


Healthy regards,

Millie Winder, Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Reclamation

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