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Greenwood Village Massage Therapist, Millie Winder

Millie Winder, C.M.T, L.M.T.

Massage Therapist

I'm a Colorado native and have spent most of my life in Golden and the surrounding communities. I named my business Body Reclamation, LLC, because it's my goal to help you reclaim the mobility, peace, and function that you want and deserve, through gentle and effective bodywork and other modalities.

My greatest desire, is to broaden the way that people view massage and bodywork; not as a luxury, but as standard (necessary) maintenance. With the changes in our health care system and economy, I believe that prevention will become vital to sustain our lifestyles and our wellness.

I associate with a solid network of health professionals who offer acupuncture, chiropractic care, nutritional counseling and supplements, and fitness training. This enables me to enjoy working with clients at varying levels of athletic performance.

I'm passionate about Sports Massage Therapy because I enjoy working with both the athlete, and the athlete at heart - to help you do whatever you love to do as well as you can can do it. Whether your goal is a longer drive, a faster mile, or picking up your grandkids without pain - together we can make it happen!

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A Bit Of History

I believe that I did not choose Massage Therapy as an occupation; rather, Massage Therapy chose me. It began in 2006 when I learned that the decades of back pain that I had suffered was due to mild scoliosis and a bulging disc. That lead me down the path of Chiropractic care, spinal decompression, and massage.

The intensity of that process and all that it entailed, lead me to pursue my dream of breaking out of Corporate America and into a field where I could make a difference, help others, and find my calling in this Life.

My accredited certification was obtained through the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (MTIC), where I also received the rare recognition for perfect attendance during my studies, and completed the course with a 4.0 GPA. I continued my affiliation with MTIC for over three years, working with students of Massage Therapy by being part of the teaching staff and the Student Clinic Management.  I am a Certified Member in good standing of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

My practice has been primarily in the Front Range, serving the community in Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Greenwood Village and Castle Rock.  I try to always maintain a strong network of fitness trainers, PTs, and Chiropractors, specializing in Sports Performance and Corrective Exercise.

I am also certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and have also recently attained my Functional Movement Screen Certification.  Once a client is pain- and restriction-free, they need to learn how to correctly move their body in normal, functional movement patterns.

My leading form of recreation is fitness; functional strength and mobility training, as well as HIIT cardio.  Outside the gym, I enjoy camping, hiking, golf, relaxing with my Sweetie and family, and ever pursuing personal and spiritual development.  I feel that my skills required in piano, basketball, and accounting, in addition to my attention to analysis and detail, have helped me to be a better Massage Therapist.

I take pride and care in my work. You will likely receive more time than you paid for, more care than you expected, and undoubtedly, deep gratitude for your trust. (And quite possibly an anatomy lesson!)  It is my honor to serve you.

Healthy regards,


Millie Winder, Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Reclamation.`


Contact me at 720-839-8264 to schedule your bodywork session

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