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Optimizing Function at the Cellular Level


Greenwood Village Massage Therapist, Millie Winder


Welcome to Body Reclamation, where our goal is just that; to help you reclaim all of the mobility, stability, flexibility, comfort and function that you want and deserve!

You may have found us by searching for ‘massage therapy’, ‘therapeutic massage’ or something similar. While Massage Therapy is the foundation of where we began, like you, we are on a journey!

What once was a common massage practice, is now a very unique opportunity for you to not only find relief of those symptoms that bother and hinder you, but also to go further. Further into wellness, awareness, movement and freedom.

Here at Body Reclamation, we love to have people like you looking at our website. Because it’s people like you who are seeking MORE. More than just a fluffy massage. More than someone telling you to stretch and increase your water intake. More long-term solutions to what ails you or prevents you from doing what you love.

Here at Body Reclamation, you will get MORE.

We are a small, private practice, owned and operated by Millie Winder, Licensed Massage Therapist and functional movement and soft tissue specialist.  We offer a unique blend of massage therapy, bodywork and corrective exercise with a distinct focus on optimal function to facilitate self-healing and promote overall wellness.

If you're truly interested in whole-health and aging with ease, make SURE you visit our page on Optimized Blood Flow, and of course our Massage Services page for information on our offerings and rates.  Don't forget about our Benefits of Massage page to read about the wonderful benefits of regular massage and bodywork. 

We take pride and care in our work. You will likely receive more time than you paid for, more care than you expected, and undoubtedly, deep gratitude for your trust. (And quite possibly an anatomy lesson!)  It is our honor to serve you.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to provide you with quality bodywork and massage in the future.


Healthy regards,

Millie Winder, Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Reclamation

Contact me at 720-839-8264 to schedule your massage therapy session.

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